States that Allow Otters as Pets

small otter

Owning an Otter as a pet is a VERY Big Commitment, and requires a LOT of Resources.

In the majority of the United States, It is completely ILLEGAL to have an otter as a domestic pet. There is however, a few states which- If you have all the necessary permits & notify your township authorities- That you could technically own and care for an exotic pet otter.

These Are the States where it is technically POSSIBLE to own an otter as a pet.

North Carolina
New York
South Dakota

*Otters are WILD ANIMALS. This means they belong in their natural habitats, and don’t belong in a domestic setting. They will not thrive or live happy lives unless given a lot of time, energy, food and friends. Most species of otters are endangered or close to extinction, So if you care about otters and want to help consider donating!*


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