Play Learn 2 Fly Emperor Strikes Back Viral Flash Game – 30 Million Plays

Learn 2 Fly – The Emperor Strikes Back

This Fun Flash Game is Super Addicting- You are a Flying Penguin & You are Doing Your Best to Survive!

A year after the first Learn to Fly was Released, developer Light Bringer proved he had clearly not been wasting that time and dropped this game- The sequel.

This game is better than the original in every possible way. New gameplay modes. More interesting upgrades. Added customizations. Extra secrets, tricks, challenges, and achievements. More replay value.

Even the cut scenes are better, and if you remember the cut scenes from the original that’s an impressive achievement indeed. The penguin has awoken from his coma and is still unsure of internet vindication of his reputation. A fool’s errand, yes, but a funny one. At least this time he has the foresight to use a penguin-shaped sack as his test dummy.

There are three gameplay modes: story, classic, and arcade.

Story mode introduces the new twist of obstacles, such as the iceberg that was your downfall in the first game, that must be destroyed in order to triumph.

Classic mode is the same general idea as the first game, that is, fly to the right as far as you can.

Arcade mode provides three different set budgets and the idea is to get as great a score as you can with only that amount of money and no more.

You can choose between keyboard controls ([right] and [left] arrow keys and [spacebar] to control boosts) or mouse (move the cursor to control angle, click for boosts).

Between launches, you can spend your money on a better launch pad, gliders, balloons, rockets, and other things to go faster, higher, and farther.

You can also earn bonus points for completing certain challenges, which you can use in the bonus shop to buy what are essentially built-in cheats. You can lower gravity, reduce drag, even rig the calendar in your favor. The cool thing is that these bonus shop items carry over between games, so you can restart the game with them already in place.

This eccentric and enjoyable “launch” game is very addicting with so many different upgrades and flying styles to choose from.

There’s much more than one sure-fire way to elongate your flight time for as long as possible. Test out the dozens of different propelling devices, gliding instruments and flying equipment to find the ideal combination to suit your playing style, and keep your dummy penguin in the sky for the maximum time and distance.

Fast reactions and good reflexes are also important as you have to carefully maneuver your penguin sack through obstacles, over mountains, and above the watery abyss.

Ok Master Penguin Launcher, it’s time for lift-off. Happy upgrading!


  • Use the left/right arrows or A/D to steer

  • Spacebar to use Boost

  • Any Key to Activate Special Sleighs.

(All controls can be customized in the option menu, with the possibility to use the mouse instead of the keyboard)

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