Play Icy Fishes – The Underwater Chain Reaction Game – Exploding Mines

Play Icy Fishes - Only Here at Otter Central!

This Chain Reaction Game is Perfect for Burning Time -

But Be Careful, It is Addicting!

Controls are Easy: Use Your Mouse to Move the Octopus Around the Screen.

Click Your Mouse to Explode the Mines at the Beginning of Each Round.

Stack Up Points & Earn Better Skills at the End of Each Phase!

  • Click anywhere near the flows to trigger an explosion and create a chain reaction.

  • Use various bombs to get more powerful chain reactions. To buy a bomb, click its icon in the lower part of the screen.

  • Use ink mines to get additional chain reactions. Click to create the mine by the octopus.

  • Collect fishes by moving the octopus near them. They can be used to buy upgrades.

  • Destroy submarine to get bonus mini-game.

  • Destroy chest and catch the diamonds to get a lot of money.