Category: Otter Pups / Baby Otters

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Otter babies go exploring

Asian small clawed otter pups explore the outdoors at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo under the watchful eyes of mom, dad, and big sisters.

Sleepy Sea Otter Pups

What do sea otters dream of when they take a little sea otter snooze? Probably clams and scallops.

Baby Otter Makes Public Debut in Ohio

An Otter Pup at Ohio’s Columbus Zoo learns how to swim. (Dec. 5) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Get updates and more …

First look at newborn otter

A one-week-old river otter gets a quick weigh-in behind the scenes in den room at the Oregon Zoo’s Great Northwest habitat. More info:

Minutes Old Newborn Sea Otter Pup

Michael Yang Photography – Facebook – A minutes old newborn baby sea …